TEFQX Statistics

Firsthand Technology Opportunities Fund

Strategy and Statistics

The Fund invests primarily in equity securities of high-technology companies in the industries and markets that we believe hold the most growth potential within the technology sector. Due to the Fund's focus on emerging opportunities within the technology sector, its investments tend to include younger companies with market capitalizations in the small- or mid-cap categories.

As of September 30, 2017

Manager: Kevin Landis
Tenure: Since inception
Total net assets: $101.5 million
Number of companies: 30
Inception date: 9/30/99
Ticker symbol: TEFQX
CUSIP: 337941504
Sales load: None
Redemption fee: None
2016 gross expense ratio: 1.86%
2016 net expense ratio: 1.85%
2016 turnover: 18%
ß (beta):1 1.06
r2 (r-squared):2 0.24
  1. Beta is a measure of a given fund's historical performance as compared to the S&P 500 Index (the "benchmark"). A beta greater than 1 indicates that the fund's performance has tended to magnify the movements of the benchmark (in either direction). A high beta suggests that a fund has responded strongly to variations in the market, and a low beta suggests relative insensitivity to variations in the market.
  2. R-squared measures the portion of a fund's historical movements that can be explained by the movements of a benchmark index (usually the S&P 500 Index). An r-squared of 1.00 means that all of the fund's historical movements can be explained by the benchmark index's movements. An r-squared of 0.00 indicates that none of the fund's movements can be explained by movements in the benchmark index.

The Fund's total gross operating expenses are 1.86%. The Fund's total net operating expenses are 1.85%. Under the Investment Advisory Agreements, the Investment Adviser has agreed to reduce its fees and/or make expense reimbursements so that the Fund's total operating expenses (excluding independent trustees' compensation, brokerage and commission expenses, litigation costs and any extraordinary and non-recurring expenses) are limited to 1.85% of the Fund's average daily net assets up to $200 million, 1.80% of such assets from $200 million to $500 million, 1.75% of such assets from $500 million to $1 billion, and 1.70% of such assets in excess of $1 billion. The current expense waiver is in effect until 8/31/18.