About Firsthand Funds

About Firsthand Funds

Sector funds managed in the heart of Silicon Valley

Firsthand Capital Management, Inc. (formerly SiVest Group, Inc.), the investment adviser to Firsthand Funds, was founded in 1994 by technology industry veterans who believe the secret to successful technology investing lies in understanding the industry from the inside.

Industry experience is fundamental to our investment practice. Kevin Landis, our Chief Investment Officer, was born and raised in Silicon Valley, and has over two decades of experience in market research, product management, and investing in the technology sector. Kevin uses this experience to help identify trends before they become widely publicized and to pick what we believe are the most-promising companies from among the crowd of competitors.

Before investing in any of our mutual funds, please carefully read its prospectus, which contains more information on risks, fees, and expenses.

Prior to January 1, 2012, Firsthand Capital Management, Inc. was named SiVest Group, Inc.