Online Account Access

Online Account Access

Signing up is easy

Online account access is a fast and simple way to conduct business with your Firsthand Funds account(s). All direct shareholders are eligible for this service (i.e., those who hold accounts directly with Firsthand, not through a broker). If this is your first time using online account access, you may want to open another browser window so you can keep these online instructions handy.

If you are already a Firsthand Funds shareholder, click on the Login to My Account on the menu bar to the left. A new screen will open. Click the "Enroll for Online Account Services" link. You will now see the Self Register for Online Services page. You will be asked to enter your social security number and your account number. Once you click the Next button, you'll be asked to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. The final step is entering your personal information (name, e-mail address, etc.), and establishing a login ID and password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Login enhancements in January 2015: Existing users will be required to complete a one-time re-authentication using their Firsthand Funds account number and Social Security number and will be required to enter a valid e-mail address. Please have this information available when you attempt to login.

If you wish to establish a new Firsthand Funds account online, click on the Login to My Account on the menu bar to the left. A new screen will open. Click on the "Become a Shareholder Today" link and follow the online enrollment instructions.

Minimums and maximums apply to certain online account transactions; the ranges are outlined below. Purchases in amounts above the stated maximums must be done via fed wire. Redemptions in amounts above the stated maximums require a Signature Guaranteed Letter of Instruction, signed by all parties on the account. The minimum/maximum ranges described here refer to existing Firsthand Funds accounts.

To buy shares online, you'll need to sign up for the electronic funds transfer option on your account(s).

Online Minimums/Maximums

Minimum Maximum
Regular accounts $50 $50,000
Retirement accounts $50 $2,000
You may not access your account online via our website if your account was established through a broker.

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