TEFQX Holdings by Industry, Market Cap, and Country

Firsthand Technology Opportunities Fund

Holdings by Industry, Market Cap, and Country

As of December 31, 2022

Industry % of Portfolio
Software 35.2%
Semiconductors 14.7%
Renewable Energy 12.8%
Consumer Electronics 11.6%
Education 7.9%
Semiconductor Equipment 5.6%
Internet 4.3%
Defense & Aerospace 3.5%
Other Electronics 0.4%
Services 0.2%
Biotech 0.1%
Cash & Cash Equivalents 3.7%
Cap Size % of Portfolio
Giant Cap (>$25B) 18.2%
Large Cap ($5-$25B) 40.7%
Mid Cap ($1-$5B) 26.7%
Small Cap (<$1B) 4.0%
Micro Cap (<$250M) 6.7%
Net Cash 3.7%
Country % of Portfolio
United States 97.1%
Israel 2.9%

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Private companies with valuations of zero have been omitted.

Note: Cash figure is net of receivables and payables.